Unit 11: BOOKS – NHỮNG CUỐN SÁCH – READING. Ngoài phần lý thuyết, nhà trường sẽ kèm theo những bài tập để củng cố kiến thức cho các em trong chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 12


I. Read the passage below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space

Today there are libraries in almost every towns in the world.  Even in areas (1) ______ there are no libraries, there are often mobile libraries which take boos from one village to the other. But in the days when books were copied by hand (2) ______ than printed, libraries were very rare. The reason is simple: books took a very long time to produce, and there were far fewer copies of any given work around. The greatest library (3) __________ all, that in Alexandria, had 54,000 books.

In the ancient world, this number (4) _________ considered huge. It was the first time that anyone had collected so many books from all around the world under one roof. There are many theories about why these books were lost. One is that the library accidentally burned down. Another is that one of the rulers of the city ordered the books to be burned. They were taken to various places and it took six months to burn them. Whatever happened, the collection there was priceless. Many of the library’s treasures were lost forever-some books were (5) ______ recovered. We cannot even know exactly what the library contained.

1: A. where

2: A. rather

B. who

B. else

C. the place

C. more

D. which

D. much

3: A. of B. about C. in D. over
4: A. is B. was C. were place D. has been
5: A. almost B. never C. already D. yet

II. Read and choose the best answer.

There are books with fairy tales in many countries. Often the same stories are known and repeated in many languages. Some of the things that happens in these stories are remarkable, although not as remarkable as things that are truly happening in medicine and science today. Most fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “They lived happily ever after”, so we will begin in the same way. Once upon a time there was a girl calls Cinderella who did all the work in the kitchen while her lazy sister did nothing.
One night, her sister went to a ball at the palace. Cinderella was left home, very sad. After a time, her fairy godmother appeared and told Cinderella that she could go to the ball- but to return home by midnight.
So, she went to the ball in a beautiful dress in a wonderful coach. She danced with the prince but at midnight she ran back home, leaving one of her shoes on the floor. The prince wanted to see her again and went to every house in the capital until he found that the shoe was the right size for Cinderella. She and the price were married and lived happily ever after.

6. Books with fairy are found in ………….
A. our country only B. few countries
C. all countries except ours D. many countries
7. Often the same stories are known and repeated …………….
A, in 2 languages B. only Japanese C. in 3 language      D. in many languages
8. Most fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “They lived happily ever after”, so we will begin
A. in many different ways               B. only one way
C. in 3 ways                               D. in the same way
9. According to the passage, things truly happening in medicine and science today are things that happen in some fairy tails
A. More remarkable than B. less remarkable than
C. as remarkable as          D. not as remarkable as
10.  The word “ball” in the first sentence means
A. a sport equipment     B. a dancing hall        C. a balloon                 D. sphere
11. Cinderella was very sad because ………….
A. her sister did nothing
B. her sister went to a ball and left her at home
C. she did all the work in the kitchen
D. her sister was invited to a hall
12. At the end of the story …………….
A. Cinderella could go to the ball and it was so happened that she and the prince was married.
B. Cinderella’s godmother came to comfort her
C. one of Cinderella’ sisters was married to the prince
D. the prince invited Cinderella to the hall

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